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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Earn money from mobile - Get paid to receive SMS (Only for Indians)

Have you ever imagined that you can earn money simply for receiving sms on your mobile?
Minimum payout is Rs.300. I think it is a good way to get some passive income. I have joined here some time ago and earned more than 6 rupees(I did nothing for that) so far.

Get Paid To Complete offers - Very good site - Instant payment(Weekly once)

Get Paid To Complete offers - GPTreasure

Payment mode : PayPal / Liberty Reserve.
Waiting time : Instant
Min.payout : Nil
Signup bonus : Nil
What to do : Complete the offers and request the payment
Benefits : Earn money
My success : Getting paid regularly.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Get Paid from Forum for winning contests - Good One

Get Paid for Winning Contests - GoldAge
I am a member in this forum, won many contests already and earned more than $100. GoldAge has plenty of contests and lot of fun. It will not pay you for posting. It will pay for winning simple contests.
Payment mode : Liberty Reserve, EuroGoldCash
Waiting time : 1 - 10 days
Min.payout : No minimum limit(Prize of the contest)
$/Contest : Up to $10
Signup bonus : Nil
What to do : Post, have fun, participate in contests
Benefits : Learn ways to make money and earn from contests
My success : Getting paid regularly. Got so many payments.

GoldAge - The Busiest Forum about EuroGoldCash, Liberty Reserve, Forex and HYIP Investments!

Get Paid To Surf - Make money from manual surfing

Get Paid To Surf - EasyHits4U

Payment mode : PayPal.
Waiting time : 1 - 5 days
Min.payout : $3.0
Signup bonus : Nil
What to do : Manual surfing, Traffic exchange
Benefits : Get traffic to your websites, earn money
My success : Getting very decent traffic and got paid more than $6 so far.

earn money for surfing

Get Paid To Create Web Pages

Get Paid To Create Web Pages - Squidoo

I am talking about Squidoo. I have been paid many times for this webpage(Squidoo Lens). It is the best way to promote your business, share your thoughts and make money for that. This is my main source of online income.
Payment mode : PayPal
Waiting time : Instant
Min.payout : $1
Signup bonus : Nil
What to do : Create a webpage like this, share with it your friends, maintain your webpage average Squidoo rank within 10000.
Benefits : Make a webpage on topic which interets you, promote your business, referral links,get referrals and earn more money.
My success : Got paid many times.

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